There are so many things you can do with images from right within WordPress! Not enough? Just let us know, and we can give you some other recommendations. Single Images You can add all sorts of images to your posts and pages. They can be full-sized and centered (as above) or they can be a smaller size and left or right aligned. You can link them to other pages. You can even give them Continue Reading


Don't be confused by the name. In the world of WordPress development, we call these things sliders, but many people call them slideshows as well. You can create a combination of slides, and there are a number of settings where you can customize each slider to fit your needs, but here are the basics. Images Your standard image slider - be sure to check out all of the Continue Reading


For StudioPress themes only! This is entering a special super-secret zone, so be wary! Where's the zone? It's in the Text editor! Some people find the text editor scary because that's where you'll find the HTML code for the content on your page, but it's also where you can do cool things like columns! This is column one, and I like it very much. If it were my favorite color, I'd like it Continue Reading